She's ready to tour!!
She’s ready to tour!!
Touring is not easy!!
Touring is not easy!!


(Updated 28 April 2019)

Fortunately for Screaming Females fans, this is a group that tours often!  And like all the DIY bands, they travel from gig to gig in their van.  Here are some interesting and fun facts about all the gigs this group has performed – this is based on the list of shows from the band’s website, but does not include many of their special performances, such as radio station appearances, appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, the AV Club, etc:
  • After the last show at Clark University, Worcester MA, on April 26 2019), the band has played 1312 shows!
  • They performed show 1000 at the Valley Bar, Phoenix, AZ, Aug 18 2015.
  • They performed show 1300 at the Hydrozagadka, Warsaw Poland, on March 15 2019.
  • Between 2007 and 2016, they averaged 106 shows per year; all of this while recording some great albums!
  • Their peak year for shows was 2010, when they performed a staggering 158 shows!
  • They have performed in all states, except for Alaska, and in Puerto Rico and Washington DC.  Does any band travel to Alaska for a show?
  • Given their New Jersey roots, it’s not surprising that by the end of April 2019 they will have performed 146 times in New York state, 140 times in New Jersey and 84 times in Pennsylvania.
  • But they are popular throughout the country, and will have played 72 shows in California, 59 shows in Texas, 53 shows in Illinois, just to name a few.
  • They will have performed 188 shows in 25 different countries – 40 in Canada, 34 in England, 18 in Germany, 11 in France, 9 in Norway, and 8 each in Australia, Spain and Netherlands.
  • Looking at their shows by city, they will have played 72 shows in New Brunswick (mostly in the early years), 64 in Brooklyn, 40 in Philadelphia, 39 in Chicago, 35 in New York City, 30 in Austin, 24 in Washington, 23 in Portland,  and so on.
  • Their favorite venue has been the Parlor (a house basement) in New Brunswick, where they played 22 times between 2005-2008.  They played at Maxwell’s 13 times, Music Hall of Williamsburg 12 times, Asbury Lanes 11 times, Meattown USA 10 times, and so on.
  • In summary, they have performed in 857 venues in 324 cities, in 25 countries, on three continents!!
So the band WILL be playing soon at a city near you, as long as you don’t live in Alaska! Check out their live shows if you haven’t yet – you won’t be disappointed!!

from Wishing Well

I toss dimes in the wishing well
And I’m broke cause you took all of me
My tombstone on a grassy hill
It’s a matter of fact, all my change goes to hell


from It’s Not Fair

I’m pinned to the open road with a love so deep that I can’t bear
Black fence ’round the skin I can’t sleep in
I’m pinching the nerve it’s not fair


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