Foul Mouth

You’re in rapture my dear

If you ever come near Hell’s belt with a frown

Turn your town upside down

And here’s a little with youth

Silly coy and uncouth

I will settle you down

When your menace surrounds


From serene to the sick

Many coils that stick

To all our leather boots

Rattled with fickled truth

And I am tired of your mouth

When you’re talking about

The injustice of speech

On a bus to the beach


The heat up here’s divided time

With earthly men on concubine

And circles strangled clever girls

Who dress up in their mother’s pearls

I remember you still

Yellow fangs and sick pills

Sucking on your own blood

Calling cards to crack up


In a forest with beasts

Our old lady found peace

Grabbed its tail with her teeth

And drove her son into the sea

Appears On

Live at the Hideout