Starve the Beat

Everyone has the music they love

Like a showgirl in a fugue of childbirth

The matron’s orders to the back of the room

I’ve seen him all sewn to the floor

A christian demon and family boy

Brought up by the school bus route


Samantha starves the beat

She starves

And drives a man insane


I went on into this little girl’s room

All those monsters and their x-ray cartoons

Project lines to the back of your mind

Pulling you out of the second floor door

Out of sorts into a collapsing hall

And into the white light


When you wake up you’ll be awake forever

Parents coming through the windows tell her

This might force them to remember


Everyone has the music they love

Forwarding into an age of nervous

Boys and girls locked up in their rooms

When you grow old you will reflect fondly

Upon the unions and the memories of me

And we will never age at all

Appears On

Live at the Hideout