Tell Me No

I want to keep the weakest 

One I want to make him mine 

Salvation born within my hands 

I want to feed him every pill

And breed the gift of life all

My faith just keeps me ill

Your tiny hands pursue my 

Heart you wind me in the womb 

There’s nothing left to tear 

Apart every crime that hangs

Its head burns for someone 

Else you drink my blood and 

Knock me dead. All my 

Intentions are bred by the 

Worst inheriting the family 

Curse and as I grow older and 

Dig a hole in the earth I bury 

My enemy’s birth over the 

Median pushing through time 

Scratching a hole through the 

Wall and I suspect your secrets 

Slipped through my hands with 

Not a single one too small. 

Give me grief my only strength 

Hang me in the square tell me 

That it’s wrong to beg I’m 

Building up the great below

I’m breaking all your parts

Hold me down and tell me no



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