Something Ugly


 I wanna show you something 

Ugly I want the boss to tell 

You off I want the earth to 

Shake and make mistakes oh

Yeah yeah yeah. Let us all

Give way to agreement and

Carve a fat line in the sand 

Weave my hand through the sun 

It weighs a ton oh yeah yeah 

Yeah. Put mama on the phone 

I’m afraid to die alone. I

Cast a scene reborn in regret 

I taste the sour things you made

And I feel bad for you but I’m the 

Fool oh yeah yeah yeah. I want the 

Big Grey sky to open I want the 

Truth to melt away fire in the 

Tiger’s eye blood on the bride oh 

Yeah yeah yeah. 


Stupid is as stupid does it. But 

I always do it wrong I’m gonna

Come in last and take the pass

Oh yeah yeah. I wanna show 

You something ugly I want the

Boss to tell you off I want 

The earth to quake and make 

Mistakes oh yeah yeah yeah 


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