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The Fan Club

This site is dedicated to the thousands of Screaming Females fans across the globe.  Although many of us use social media to follow the exploits of the band, nevertheless I created this site because I thought it would be useful, and fun!, to have one site where fans can leave comments, photos, art work, videos, etc., of their experiences at shows and interactions with the band, and where they could get current information on the band, especially tours and new music.  Of course, the band has a great website, which is the place to go to buy their albums and merchandise, see a list of their shows, see photos and lots of cool videos of interviews, performances and general craziness.  I can spend hours on that site, and have done just that!  The Fan Club site will have some similar information as the band’s site – a list of upcoming shows, for example, since every fan needs to know that – but for the most part the two sites are separate but complementary.  

My primary motivation for creating this Fan Club is that I’m really obsessed with this band on many levels – outstanding albums, fantastic live performances with incredible energy, and dedication to DIY Punk.  Speaking as someone who was fortunate enough to see many of the great punk bands in their prime during the 70’s and 80’s – Clash, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Siouxie and the Banshees, Stranglers, Stiff Little Fingers, Damned, New York Dolls, Avengers, Dead Kennedys, to name a few – I put the Screaming Females in that same  elite group of punk rockers.  At live performances they always play with great passion, regardless of the venue or the crowd size.  And they love to tour! – more on that on the SHOWS page.
The band has been together since 2005, and has played over 1100 shows (by my count), so there is a plethora of media and general information about them on the internet and social media.  I find anything about the band interesting, but for the most part the Fan Club will focus on all things Screaming Females from the last few years and going forward from now (June 2017).  See ABOUT THE BAND for some information, but I won’t repeat on this site all the cool things that have already been written about the band.
I encourage everyone to join the Club by simply providing your first name and email – look for the signup form in the footer of each page.  This allows me to send you the occasional newsletter and announcements on band activities, etc., but more importantly makes you eligible to participate in contests and receive swag through random drawings!  See CONTESTS for more details.    The more members we have, the more swag I will be giving away.  It’s pretty simple!
Feel free to contribute to the site by submitting anything related to the band – fan art, pictures or video of shows, road trip pictures on the way to shows, reviews of shows, pictures of you with the band, general questions, comments, issues with this site, features you would like added to the site, missing lyrics, etc.  There’s a link for submissions on the CONTACT page.  Also, if you like, send a photo of yourself, which I will post on the Fan Photos page under PHOTO GALLERIES.
If you’re into social media, follow the Fan Club on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using the links at the top of each page.
Hope to see you soon at a Screaming Females show!!
–Charlie Birdwell–

from Doom 84

If you can’t heal me, let’s find a way
To satisfy all my needs
I’m blinking red, I’m one beat too short
Satisfied, I always want much more

from Black Moon

She needs to love me still. Until I’ve had my fill.
I try and try to leave. I want to watch you grieve.
Now we all dream alone.
Now we all dream alone.


from I Don’t Mind It

And you do me great service
When you call my bluff
I’ll stay home for hours
But it’s just never enough

Charlie and Marissa, Lincoln Hall, Chicago, March 10 2018
Charlie and Marissa, Lincoln Hall, Chicago, March 10 2018