Fall 2017 Summary

Because KingMike posted all the set lists for the Fall Tour on Instagram, I did some analysis of the sets that I hope you find interesting.

All Songs Played

SongTimes Played SongTimes Played SongTimes Played
Ripe15Tell Me No9Boyfriend5
Black Moon14Broken Neck8Fun5
Hopeless14Criminal Image8Starve the Beat5
Empty Head13Doom 848Soft Domination4
Bell12I Don’t Mind It8Deeply3
Glass House12Lights Out8Dirt3
Foulmouth11Normal8Help Me3
Halfway Down11Rose Mountain8I’ll Make You Sorry3
It All Means Nothing11Adult Army7It’s Not Fair3
Sheep10Expire7Laura and Marty3
Wishing Well10Extinction7My Body3
A New Kid9High7Sour Grapes3
Bird in Space9Triumph7Bus Driver Man2
Boss9Burning Car6Chamber for Sleep, pt 12
Buried in the Nude9Fall Asleep6Chamber for Sleep, pt 22
Real Mothers9Leave It All Up to Me6Something Ugly2
Skull9Pedro6Agnes Martin1
Starving Dog9Step Outside6Drop by Drop1
    Red Hand1


All Songs Played by Album (Count)

 All at OnceBaby TeethCastle TalkPower MoveRose MountainUglyT.V.?Total Plays per Song
A New Kid  9    9
Adult Army   7   7
Agnes Martin1      1
Bell   12   12
Bird in Space9      9
Black Moon14      14
Boss  9    9
Boyfriend      55
Broken Neck    8  8
Buried in the Nude   9   9
Burning Car    6  6
Bus Driver Man 2     2
Chamber for Sleep, pt 12      2
Chamber for Sleep, pt 22      2
Criminal Image    8  8
Deeply3      3
Dirt3      3
Doom 84     8 8
Drop by Drop1      1
Empty Head    13  13
Expire     7 7
Extinction     7 7
Fall Asleep  6    6
Foulmouth 11     11
Fun      55
Glass House12      12
Halfway Down   11   11
Help Me     3 3
High     7 7
Hopeless    14  14
I Don’t Mind It  8    8
I’ll Make You Sorry3      3
It All Means Nothing     11 11
It’s Not Fair    3  3
Laura and Marty  3    3
Leave It All Up to Me     6 6
Lights Out   8   8
My Body3      3
Normal  8    8
Pedro      66
Real Mothers      99
Red Hand     1 1
Ripe    15  15
Rose Mountain    8  8
Sheep  10    10
Skull   9   9
Soft Domination4      4
Something Ugly     2 2
Sour Grapes   3   3
Starve the Beat      55
Starving Dog   9   9
Step Outside6      6
Tell Me No     9 9
Triumph    7  7
Wishing Well    10  10
Total Plays per Album63135368926130380


All Songs Played by Album (Percentage)

AlbumRelease YrSongs Played by Album% of Total
Rose Mountain20159224.2%
Power Move20096817.9%
All at Once20186316.6%
Castle Talk20105313.9%
Baby Teeth2006133.4%


There were 55 different songs played, for a total of 380 songs played over the 34 shows, or about 11 per show.  The most songs were played at Mississippi Studios in Portland, which is cool because I was there!! The songs from Rose Mountain were played most often – almost a quarter of the time – with Ripe, Hopeless and Empty Head being the most popular from that album.  The new album, All at Once, was well represented (about 17% of all songs played).  And songs from that album were played at least once at every venue, and some venues heard up to 4 songs from the new album.  In other words, the fans were given plenty of opportunity to hear the new tunes.
A few other observations I found interesting.  Foulmouth is still quite popular with the fans and the band, even though it’s from the first album; no songs were played from Chalk Tape. Not surprisingly, songs from Baby Teeth and T.V.? were played less frequently, possibly since they are the oldest albums.  However, Power Move (released in 2009) was the second most played album, led by the popularity of Bell, Buried in the Nude, Halfway Down, Lights Out, Skull and Starving Dog.