The Complex – Salt Lake City, 6 March 2020

After our wild and seemingly eternal day in Denver and Laramie, our Salt Lake City time seems almost not worth reporting on. On the way into town Kristina did her first plank of tour, we saw an enormous sumo wrestler statue wrapped in bubble wrap, we are all trying to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds and stop touching our own faces so much. Jarrett claims he doesn’t even need to sing the happy birthday song while washing his hands. He can just count to twenty. I’ll believe it when I see it.

The venue was arguably very horrible (huge dusty space with lots of gear and very few people who seem to work there), but it housed a lot of fun stuff to play on. First the entire band PLUS me and Krispy got on this piece of exercise equipment that I think the venue is throwing in the trash (the kind that had bars sticking out all over for pull ups and dip downs and all sorts of other feats of strength). BREAKING NEWS: Jarrett is the strongest one of us. 

Also, inside the venue there was equipment and carts on wheels and ramps all over and absolutely no one around to tell us not to climb on it except for a sound guy that who palpably radiated hatred for all of us, but said not a word. We danced on some carts and slid down the ramp to the stage in cardboard boxes. 

For a second time the venue served popcorn, but we were not given any. 😖

Over dinner I asked the band what their favorite chairs were:

Mike: Couch

Marissa: Stool

Jarrett: British Pub Stool

*2 out of 3 members of Screaming Females prefer stools!*

Write this down.

After the show we went to the motel we’d booked and it was kind of a scene, everyone hanging out with their room doors open and some random kid running wild in the parking lot. When we got to our room there was a person in it and so we went back to the front desk and they were like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So we dragged our tired selves to a different motel and honestly I don’t think even if Laramie Hotel Lady worked there we would have left. We slept great and began life anew the next day.