The Shredder – Boise, 7 March 2020

The next day we drove to Boise. On the way out of town we stopped by a pharmacy and bought latex gloves and disinfectant. What is the best way to be a responsible touring band during a pandemic? Please leave your answer in the comment section!

We also bought a new box of Reese’s Pieces. I videotaped myself throwing them at Marissa while she tried to catch them in her mouth. When she finally succeeded she looked so thrilled she might explode. Please check out the video on my instagram (@dawn_riddle), it’ll change you.

Screaming Females played a headlining show at a place called The Shredder. The person from the venue wasn’t there when we arrived but there were a lot of e scooters sitting around everywhere. Marissa downloaded a scooter app and we all took turns bopping around. Mike has developed a new way to cough (no one has coronavirus don’t worry!). His cough sounds like a viral youtube screaming goat. It’s pretty cool.

The Shredder has a lot of arcade games and everyone in the band would like more venues to have arcade games around. TAKE NOTE! At all the PUP shows, the enthusiastic audience loves to show their joy by throwing up devil horns. At this show, the most stoked audience member just yelled, “I love you” in a guttural wail and gave a thumbs up. Things are different here.

We stayed at the Cabana Inn which is the greatest motel in America. TAKE NOTE!