The Waiting Room – Omaha, 4 March 2020

Grace cooked us a big breakfast and she and the band reminisced about the last time they’d stayed at her place and Mike had eaten a 12 egg omelette. At this breakfast we ate reasonable amounts of eggs (soft boiled). Right before we left Grace read that the Dixie Chicks had released a new single and we all gathered around her to watch the video on her phone. Grace cried through the whole dang video and we left and blasted Sin Wagon on the highway. Is that a perfect song? Quite possibly. If you think the Dixie Chicks have another perfect song, please post it in the comments!

We drove and drove and drove and got to Omaha. 

We got dinner and then out of the blue, Mike dropped this bombshell: THE NOTES FOR A NEW SCREAMING FEMALES SONG!

Are you ready? They are:


D, E, F#, G, F#, E, C#, C#, B, A, B


So here’s the challenge I set before thee:

Based on the information above, try to play the song! On a bass or a guitar or a piano or, please please please, a flute! Send it to us via instagram DM or online tagging @official_screamales. Please do this, I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life (or at least on this blog). Just do your best!


Marissa’s voice was tired after they played and I was asked not to make her talk or laugh. It was then that I realized I have a problem. I derive the bulk of my serotonin by making Marissa laugh and if I can’t do that it’s like the world turns black and white and nothing is worth anything anymore. This was the worst night of my life.


Oh also we all used Instagram story filters for the first time. Some of them are pretty cool.