Tower Theatre – Oklahoma City, 2 March 2020

I deeply apologize, loyal readers. I am sure you’ve bitten your nails down to almost nothing awaiting my next missive. Here are 2 days worth of reporting for you. Thank you for your patience.

We woke up in Austin too early. Over breakfast I tried to find out some facts about the band that the fan club might not already know. Here’s something you’ll only read here you guys: WHAT’s SCREAMING FEMALES’s FAVORITE WAY TO EAT EGGS?

Marissa: Over medium.

Mike: Over easy from a restaurant.

Jarrett: Over easy made at home.


Also Kelli and Bob got back to me about their perfect songs:

Kelli: Born To Run by Emmylou Harris NOT Bruce Springsteen.

Bob: Golden Country by REO Speedwagon

We got to Oklahoma City with enough time to eat some tacos and take a walk. We saw a lawn in front of a house that seemed to be spraypainted a dark teal color. We don’t know if this was done as pest control or fine art.

The show was at the Tower Theater which is an old movie theater that is very beautiful. They have shows, but also still play movies. We saw some people working there eating popcorn and I assumed we’d be given popcorn as well. We were not and that was the only way in which the show was not perfect. 

We stayed at an airbnb that looked like if the Golden Girls lived in a punk house.