White Schoolhouse – Lawrence, 3 March 2020

In the morning as we were packing up the van, two random dogs showed up to the delight of all. We had a very fancy breakfast downtown and me and Marissa split a brullee’d grapefruit which was everything I’d dreamed it could be. Then we went to Lawrence, KS. The day before we’d parted ways with PUP and Drew Thomson Foundation. The other bands took the day off, but Screaming Females had their own show. We stopped by a thrift store and I made Marissa buy herself a very fashionable sweater. 


The show was in an antique schoolhouse and we were served baked potato bar by someone from the town! This is a good dinner idea and should happen more I think. Once we had carbo-loaded we had the energy to try and dance around the room with a small stuffed animal duck balanced on our heads.


Grace Ambrose came to the show and we stayed with her in her new home in Kansas City, MO. There was a good dog there and I shared a bed with a cat.