Canton Hall – Dallas, 29 Feb 2020

Okay, so I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to find out more about the architectural marvel that we stayed in the other night. Let me start by saying, I live in Portland, Oregon, a place where a new condo seemingly just shows up everyday. The condos in my city look like what 80’s sci-fi movies thought future prisons should look like. They are gray cubes that sometimes have other gray or brown cubes sticking out of them. And they cost almost a million dollars. They’re such a bummer. Well you know what condo wasn’t a bummer? The one we stayed in in Houston of course!

This place belongs to two friends of Marissa’s from college and it was tall and had random levels (mezzanine kitchen! Indoor balcony!) and rounded edges.. It kind of looked like a melted Mondrian painting. In the best possible way. 

Sadly we couldn’t stay forever because we had to drive to Dallas and, like I have mentioned, Texas is really long. The music we listened to in the van: Sublime, followed by a live Ani Difranco album. Based on that information, can you guess who was driving? Leave your guess in the comment section below!

About halfway there the band decided that it was time for me to be introduced to a gas station/truckstop/megastore called Buc-ee’s. Have you been? It’s basically a gas station that has a mall and in the mall you can buy pickled quail eggs and beach chairs and a hot sauce just called PAIN 100%. And everything there is made by an adorable beaver in a baseball cap. They have an entire wall devoted to taffy. I bought hand lotion.

At another gas station, Marissa bought a drink koozie that says “Don’t Pet the Sweaty Stuff” and then proceeded to take a ton of photos of it while giggling.

The Dallas show was in a neighborhood called Deep Ellum. I have never been to a place like this. It seemed like we were on a college campus after everyone’s last final. Everyone was in full party mode, enjoying alcoholic popsicles and riding e scooters like maniacs. Our friend Kelli from New Jersey showed up and walked to go look at the giant eyeball statue. It did not disappoint.

PUP fans are incredibly enthusiastic. For everything. There was crowdsurfing IN BETWEEN BANDS. When no one was on stage. During Screaming Females’ set people chanted and raised lighters and yelled very loud every time Marissa played a solo. I think I’d like to try crowdsurfing.