Emo’s – Austin, 1 March 2020

We had a full van today: Kelli from New Jersey and Bob, Mike’s partner’s dad. Both new passengers were a joy to travel with. Bob loves Rage Against the Machine. He says it relaxes him. Kelli loves horses.

On the drive from Dallas to Austin I interviewed Kelli and Bob, bcause I know that’s exactly who the readers of this blog want to know about. 


The interview

Dawn: Hi…so why are you guys here?


Kelli: I just missed the taste of the road, you know?


Bob: I love their music. I just stare that them and wonder if I’ll ever do anything that well.


Dawn: Did you have fun at the show last night?


Kelli: Yes! I had a great time.


Bob: I had a great time too…especially starting at the first note of Screaming Females’s set.


Dawn: If Screaming Females was your band, what you put on your rider (list of foods and drinks and stuff you want in the green room)?


Kelli: String cheese, Polar Seltzer, and a box of Franzia


Bob: Edibles. And then a bunch of other snacks.


Dawn: Kelli, I know you love horses. Bob, I know you love Rage Against the Machine…what are some other things you love?


Kelli: Rage Against the Machine!


Bob: Riding horses!

What a nice interview, right?


In the van we have started making a Spotify playlist of songs we deem “perfect”. Judging the perfection of a song is different than judging whether or not you like the song. Mike pointed out that Jimmy Buffett’s “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” is a perfect song, but it also fucking sucks. We have 100 songs on the playlist. We’re going to listen to the songs together in the van and veto any song we don’t all agree is perfect. When we’ve whittled it down to about 20 songs, we’ll share it here on the fan site. I asked Bob and Kelli what their perfect songs were, but they needed more time to think about it. So that part of the interview will be in tomorrow’s post. What do YOU think is a perfect song? Let us know in the comments section!

We got in to Austin with enough time to goof off a little. We went out to eat and parked in front of a house that had the smallest most loving dog in the front yard. Marissa pet the dog and wept with joy, as usual. At the restaurant the server was very stoned and forgot all the words we said as soon as we said them. The food tasted like being vegetarian in 1996. Austin is cool.

We went on a walk around the venue and Jarrett did a solid plank on a handrail near a kiosk that sells self service ice. Then we bought  deck of cards (because I am going to work on my magician skills on this tour) and some Reeses Pieces (because PUP had some in their green room the night before and we’d all coveted them).

I went in to set up the shirts, but before I could finish I got a text from Marissa that said URGENT followed by a photo of a pile of giant tractor tires leaned against a wall. I asked a venue employee, “do you know where a pile of tires is around here?”. He was like, “yeah man, I’ll show you where.” I told him I was going to roll around in the middle of a tire and he thought that was like, “those have tires have been sitting there for a while…I’m glad someone’s finally gonna use them.”

Marissa, Kelli and I played on a tire in the parking lot for 20 minutes. Have you ever rolled around on a huge tire? It’s the surest way to feel alive. 

I showed up to merch duty late and my hands were so dirty from tire grime I had to get David to handle the shirts, but it was all worth it.