Worcester MA, Ralph’s Rock Diner – 1 August 2019

Thursday was a big day: Marissa’s birthday and our last night with Dark Thoughts. 

It’s a relatively short drive from Portland to Worcester, so we got to take it easy.  After a little coffee and bday donut stop, we went to see “Crawl” at the movies (which is about a father/daughter who get stuck under their house in a hurricane while surrounded by alligators). Believe it or not,  we were the only ones in the theater. 
Then we got stopped for bang banh mi before getting coffee again and then finally heading to Worcester.
The first thing we did when we got to town was go directly to one of Marissa’s favorite places in the world: the Turtle Boy statue.  It’s a must see as it completely looks as though it’s a statue of boy having sex with a turtle.  
When we pulled up to the club,  an old Marissa friend showed up and dropped off a bunch of fancy cupcakes.  Then the promoter brought an ice cream cake and we did a lil bday celebration. Little known fact, however,  is that Marissa doesn’t even really like sweets.  It’s a big rift in our friendship. 
The show was at Ralph’s Diner, which was a very cool spot … but the upstairs was insanely hot.  And the green room was basically a sauna, so some of us got in a little game of Hell (when you drive, close all the windows, turn on the heat as high as it will go and last as long as you can).
After the show and our final goodbyes to Dark Thoughts (and Charlie), we went to our first hotel of the trip (which is bizarrely full of sports memorabilia and Elvis statues).
Off to the final show in the woods of New Jersey!