Canada (London, Toronto, Montreal) – 28-30 July 2019

After what feels like a long time,  we’re finally back in the States.  We spent the last couple of days in London, Toronto and Montreal before crossing back over. 

The first day was a long one; we left Dayton to head to Ferndale to drop off Joe and pick up some equipment we left the other night (and to hit up the Apple Fritter Co again). Then we hit standstill traffic for an hour or so (leading to a very improvised attempt at van Bananagrams with Marissa). We had it easy though, Dark Thoughts were held up at the border for over an hour … so by the time we all got to London,  everyone was pretty frayed.
Honestly,  London is not exactly my favorite part of Canada– but Mike is pretty firm in his love for it.  He finally picked up some new shoes there,  so that quest is over. He also got his favorite candy bar,  the CoffeeCrisp, and some All-Dressed chips, so he was beyond stoked. Jarrett also found himself a comic book store, so he’s got London love as well.  Makes no sense to me,  but whatever. We did have to pull over when we came across some giant wooden bear rock band statues– that was probably my personal highlight. 
Toronto was the highlight of the trip for me.  We had a quick,  easy ride and got to the club a few hours early.  We hit up a cute cafe/ bakery across the street,  before finding an awesome record store up the street.  While Marissa took a nap, the rest of us got a drink with the Dark Thoughts crew. In between all their van problems and the long drives,  it’s been hard to find time to hang so it was nice to actually socialize for a bit.  After loading in, I bailed to have dinner with my man Nestor,  a true gem. 
The Toronto show was also a definite banger.  Good local opener,  on-point sets from DT and SF, and a stoked crowd. After the show, Nestor showed Mike the “Geddy Lee Book of Bass” and the night was complete. 
On the drive to Montreal,  the band listened to Good Charlotte’s “the Anthem” three times in a row.  Sometimes I just don’t understand these guys  ….
We had a nice time in Montreal; punished some poutine,  found the best bagels in town,  and had a good show.  The only real blower was that the club was on the third floor (with no elevator) so load in was rough.  We all need to hit the gym after this trip is over. A little known fact,  Screaming Females are enthusiastic Planet Fitness members. 
Anyways,  we’re back in the States and heading to Portland,  ME!