Dayton, OH, Blind Bob’s – 27 July 2019

Made the long,  heavily traffic-y drive from Chicago to Dayton,  Ohio yesterday for a show at Blind Bob’s. I’d never been to Dayton, but I went to Toledo on my first tour ever and I’ll never forget it (7 bands ranging from ska to goth screamo in a house reeking of cat urine and plastered with photos of fast cars and nu-metal bands). So,  Dayton had big shoes to fill. 

The morning ride heated up early as Marissa, Joe, and I debated the ups and downs of Jewish food,  comic strips from the 90’s and the power of Betty Boop’s sexiness. The only real consensus being that mone of us have ever understood a single Doonesbury comic.
It was a late show, but Kelley Deal’s band, R Ring, played and were wonderful (and was selling a shirt featuring some Marissa art). I had no idea Dayton was so jumpin — tons of people out partying .. I’m pretty sure we were in the red light district of town.  Definitely a wild vibe. 
The night ended with a slightly- altered Mike throwing darts, so I’m fortunate to have made it out alive. Off to drop off Joe in Ferndale and then head to Canada for a few days.  Later,  hosers!