Chicago IL, Beat Kitchen – 25 July 2019

Woke up and went straight to a diner near Joe’s house in Ferndale. Marissa fell in love with a local commercial for “Romeo and Juliet Furniture Liquidators” featuring two young kids, and a questionable CGI team, who shoot lasers out of their eyes to make the furniture disappear. Marissa’s mind was blown and it was discussed all morning. 

On our drive from Ferndale to Chicago,  I was treated to many, many stories about New Jersey. From Tata’s Pizza to the Bread Lady, the NJ blood pumps strongly in this crew.  Let’s just say that we listened to plenty of Bouncing Souls on the ride …
We went straight to Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, and Mike got some shoe recommendations from Steve Albini. The quest continues!
Tonight marks the first of two shows in Chicago, one at the Beat Kitchen and then one at an outdoor fest in Wicker Park. Chicago in the summer is one of best places in the country, so I’m excited to be back. The Beat Kitchen show went well; it was sold out before doors, Bad Cop Bad Cop played as well,  and Screamales played a super riff-heavy set. Big shout out to my man Chris Penna from Maryland who blessed us with a dozen from DooRite Donuts!