Ferndale MI, The Loving Touch – 24 July 2019

This has really been one of the easiest tours I’ve ever been on.  All the drives have been relatively short, the shows are smooth, everything’s been great.  Our biggest problem has been Mike’s shoes. They’ve got holes on the top, bottom and sides … and don’t get me started on the soles. Our boy is really going through it.   If anyone has a hook up with some fresh size 13’s (black only), that’d be beautiful. 

Once we got into the Detroit area,  we hit our first donut stop (the Apple Fritter Co) and it was pretty magical. Great donuts/longjohns and signs (“Please don’t squeeze the product”).
The tour got some new additions tonight: Charlie from the Fanclub meet us here and will be at the next 8 shows! And Joe from Don Giovanni is hopping in the van for the next few shows.  We’re headed to Chicago now.  Hopefully Mike will be more comfortable by the time you hear from me again …