Pittsburgh PA, The Spirit – 23 July 2019

Woke up and got right on the road to Pittsburgh. Listened to Lizzo, Nas, and Siouxie. Experimented with Sheetz breakfast.  Pretty shweet.

Grace from the Andy Warhol Museum was kind enough to take us on a tour.  There were tons of amazing pieces and videos, but I feel confident in saying that the drawings of cats & angels by Warhol’s mom are the ones that most stole the hearts of our group. 
For the second day in a row,  Dark Thoughts suffered through a long day of van issues before barely getting to the show (MVP of tonight’s show goes to Screamales bff Kate for driving DT from philly so they could make the show).
But the show was a smooth one with a lot of old friends to reconnect with (and I even ended up finding myself eating a hot dog with a pierogie on top).  Biggest fiasco came at the end of the night when Marissa sat on a banana in the van and ended with a really unfortunate stain 🙁
Anyways,  on our way to Ferndale, Michigan!