Lancaster PA, Tellus 360 (Start of Tour) – 22 July 2019

As soon as I got off the Peter Pan bus in Philly, I was greeted by Marissa with a peanut butter & chocolate donut and I knew this tour was going to be a special one. This is my first trip with Screaming Females, and obviously my first time recapping for the fan club, so I figure a little introduction is in order.  My name’s David; I’m a high school teacher in Silver Spring,  MD (the single greatest city in the world) which means I get two months of summer vacation to watch “Fraiser” reruns and go on tour. I’m always trying to find the best donuts in town,  so feel free to holler if you know what’s up!

Back to Monday shenanigans, after a cookie dough French toast breakfast in Philly,  Mike and Jarrett picked us up and we were on our way to the first show in Lancaster,  PA at the Tellus360.  Van talk was mostly catching up (Mike’s been in Chicago/Wisconsin, Jarrett’s been rehabbing from an oblique strain,  and Marissa’s been discovering her love for reality TV). After load in and sound check,  we went to get a quick dinner before doors opened and the tour started for real. 
After local openers Sleepy Limbs played, Philly’s Dark Thoughts ripped through their set.  Getting to see D.T. every night was definitely one of the many reasons I signed up for this tour, and the few new songs they played were just as insanely catchy as the rest.  Soon,  Screaming Females took the stage and did the damn thing.  If you’re reading this,  then you already know.
Unfortunately,  it started storming as soon as we began loading out and we were all drenched by the time we got back in the van.  To warm us all up,  I suggested a trip to Taco Bell and soon we felt no pain.  Cory from Sneaky Limbs was kind enough to let us stay over… with a pool involved.  So Mike took the requisite 30 min post- cheesy bean n rice burrito break,  and he’s about to go swimming while the rest of go to sleep.  Peace!