Rotterdam – Rotown, March 23, 2019

The final gig of the tour. First, we stopped off in Amsterdam for some vegan junk food and to pick up Christian. He brought us a bottle of traditional Dutch alcholo and regaled us with some brewing stories. In return, I punished him and the rest of the van by insisting that we listen to Rotterdam’s main musical contribution to the world – gabber, techno and hardcore’s misshapen criminal-minded younger brother, big distorted kicks, ugly synths, a mixture of crime movie samples and just blokes with the intensity of Mark in Krakow, the audio equivalent of being punched in the fuckin head at 180bpm.

The venue was on a street with a couple record shops and so I was able to pick up a few choice cuts of said musical terrorism. In one of the shops, I bumped into my mate Bryan, who was driving the other band that was playing this show, Bad Breeding, a noisy hardcore outfit from the UK. Another rocking Feels set, one more killer Screaming Females power-hour, and an intense noisy closing set from Bad Breeding and that was that, we were done but for one more moment of drama.

Driving away from the venue, a car speeding past with no lights on almost hit us, and when Jarrett beeped the horn at them they screeched to a stop, and made as if they were going to get out and fight us. It was a tense few moments, but luckily they were all bark, and zoomed off into the night after a few threatening revs of their engines. “I’m glad this isn’t in the US because those guys definitely would’ve had a gun,” Mike quipped, after they’d finally fucked off and we got to the hotel, which was on a boat, another small circle completed from when I’d joined the tour in Lyon.