Warsaw – Hydrozagadka, March 15, 2019 (Show 1300!)

Inspired by last night’s Danzig fiesta, we spent pretty much the whole journey to Warsaw celebrating his entire catalogue, from the Misfits, through Samhain, his early 90s dungeon synth record, his recent covers record. Tonight was Screaming Females\’s 1300th show. An incredible milestone for any band to reach. However, the loss of the pedals did make things less celebratory than they otherwise could\’ve been, soundcheck took a lot longer with Marissa fiddling about trying to find a sound she was somewhat happy with. The support band Fertile Hump had a real Gories vibe, and some old lad who was the bloody spit of the warden from the Shawshank Redemption did an incredible soft-shoe shuffle down the front and Jarrett kept throwing in some classic Danzig style bell-hits into the set. Gotta rep your heritage sometimes.

After the gig the venue was keen for us to clear out as soon as possible for the club night that was about to happen. They were acting as if something really big and important was about to go off, like some serious DJ was gonna get into some real mixing, when some bloke just plugged in a laptop and pressed play on a playlist which opened with Aerosmith. To be fair to this lad, he knew his audience as they all popped off for the torrent of rock hits from the likes of Poison and Crazy Town that followed. We were staying in the hostel upstairs so after lugging our stuff up, Mike, Jarrett and I came down for a few more drinks. The night felt a lot like the one that me and my band had taken Jarrett to in Manchester the previous September, true greebo club vibes, a heady mixture of rock radio mainstays with a few chart dance classics like Freed From Desire thrown in for good measure. A few nice Polish lagers in the bar and off to bed.