29.05.2018 – Kantine am Berghain, Berlin DE – Bechamel; Screaming Females

We have our first German breakfast this morning in Koln. Downstairs at the hostel, a breakfast buffet is decked out with rolls, bread, cold cuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cereal, and coffee & tea. I love it. Maybe sandwiches for breakfast are going to be my new thing.

Next we’re headed to Berlin, and we’re making good time. Along the way, tragedy strikes: Marissa’s trusty inflatable pillow has a pinhole leak in it. Like a true genius, Marissa fixes the hole with a paste made of white out and glue stick.

But, this turns out to be an omen of things to come. As we’re waiting at a light on a highway off-ramp entering Berlin, the driver of the car in front of us opens his door and walks towards us.

The man speaks to Jarrett in German, then points to the back tire and says “Kaput!”

Jarrett goes to investigate, and sure enough, the tire is completely flat.

We pull into the nearest gas station and get to work. Mike and Jarrett find the spare tire under the van, and the jack. I grab the driver’s manual out of the glove compartment. It’s all in Dutch, but miraculously the book opens right to the page about how to locate the vehicle’s jack points. (Wonder how many times that page has been needed before?)

Mike and Jarrett quickly get the spare tire on there (luckily, it’s a full sized spare), Marissa attaches the old tire to the bottom of the van where the spare was, and we’re back on the road. Great teamwork by all!

The bridge on Mike’s bass has also been in need of a repair, and we have just enough time to drop Mike off at a local guitar repair shop, Guitar Doc, before they close. Then the rest of us head to the venue, Kantine am Berghain, to load in.

The venue is one of the larger ones on this tour, and has a nice outdoor beer garden area. We have enough time to get everything set up without feeling rushed. Mike shows up after walking over from Guitar Doc and says that they fixed his bass in approximately one minute. Things are really comin’ up roses.

After sound check we get veggie burgers and eat outside. I get to meet Nikita, who is the Screamales’ European booking agent, and it’s nice to finally put a face to the name.

We also drink Club Mate, which is a popular pick-me-up here in Berlin. Since I drink so much coffee, it doesn’t really phase me.

The first band, Bechamel, goes on soon after that. I am excited to hear a German band playing hardcore punk. Some of their songs lean more gothy or more grungy, and they are all fun to hear.

It’s another sold out show (!) and Screaming Females open up the set with Bell. They play Skull for the first time on this tour, and there’s a few in there that haven’t been in heavy rotation, including Rose Mountain and Expire. The crowd cheers for an encore, and, in typical form, Marissa says “this song’s on that new album that I’ve been talking about” amist laughs from the crowd, and launches into I’ll Make You Sorry.

As usual, we reject the party life in favor of sleep, and head to our nearby hostel after loading up the van.