04.24.18—Sluggo’s Chattanooga, TN (Screaming Females, River’s Edge, Possible Side Effects.)

Pop early because of discomfort; I heard someone working at the desk, and then the sound of dough maker whirring. I feel gross, possibly from too much cheese, beer, and tequila. I also feel incredibly grimey from sleeping in the basement. Soon we’re all milling about and packing our belongings. Then we roll out all the gear and search for breakfast. It’s Tuesday, so breakfast is scarce. We dip into a bakery, and its truly weird. The staff seems so scattered and incapable of providing us even the simplest order. Whatever, we’re all seasoned service workers so no complaints. Quick scarfing of some granola, coffee and bagel and we’re off to check out some fancy jeans company that Jarrett is curious about. Jarrett has been tailoring his own clothes lately, and is curious about this companies work. They’re really beautiful fabrics, colors and designs. I like my levis though and they aren’t three figures in cost. But man, what cool colors.

The drive is mellow, and I’d say of medium length. I keep reading certain excerpts of “Meet Me In The Bathroom”—namely all the James Murphy entries. I’m not totally hung up on his work, but I think his evolution from washed out indie rocker to pop superstar is really interesting; and I was looking for juicy info on the fallout of either The Rapture or his DFA partner. Decent read.

Last show of the tour. No tears. If anything, we’re all in good moods. Sluggo’s is a vegetarian restaurant run by former members of This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. They all go back with Screamales so we are welcomed with open arms upon arrival. All the food and drink we could ask for. I get a delicious spinach and tempeh salad. After the meal we have hours to kill; Marissa takes a nap in the van, while Mike, Jarrett and I partake in an extended round of Air Disc round robin in the parking lot. There’s a lot of laughs, and failed attempts at tricks, save for Mike who is an ace at Air Disc horseshoes, and catching said disc on his head. What can I say, the guy has a good attitude.

Soon, the doors are open, and the brews are flowing. Lots of cute people are milling about. My merch is upstairs while the show is two flights below. I spend most of the night running between the two. Upstairs is jamming some funk—Meters, Funkadelic, Beastie Boys—a good vibe out on the patio. Possible Side Effects pull out some jangly country punk, perfect for the delicious brews being cracked open. Rivers Edge follow through with some fast pop punk. They’re incredibly charming and funny. Inspired, Screaming Females pull out all the stops with a fast and quick punk set, declaring the throng of fans  as “Sluggalo’s.” WOOT-WOOT!!!

The load out is casual as we’re staying with Ash and Terry from Rivers Edge and they gotta close out the venue. As we’re loading out, I spy a car full of cuties hotboxing away. “Hey! Y’all got any extra herb?” The hand us a clutch of bud and some papers; I give them the last of of the baloney brothers mixes and Mike twirls that j bone up. Perfect end to a perfect tour, and I didn’t even twist a limb at the end.

We retire to Ash and Terry’s house…the front door is propped open, there’s some nice jazz playing on the radio and we’re bullshitting the night away. Jarrett and I crawl into a bed next to some portraits of D. Boon from the might Minutemen. D keeps watch over us as we have a gentle slumber.