04.22.18—Club Dada, Dallas, TX (Screaming Females, HIRS.)

Pop up late, but no sweat. It’s only a three hour drive to Dallas, so everyone is taking their time. I check in with the band, but no response. Amy, her roommate Nelson and their friend Marg are finally waking up. I take the time to do a quick shave and a long shower. We dip out to the grocery store for coffee and a delicious vegan po’boy. Still no response from the band, and I’m starting to worry. Maybe they’re tired of me, and want fto inish the tour themselves? Between that irrational fear and my impending interview, I’m all shook up. Mike eventually responds and the band is en route. I hug Amy, and wait in the parking lot for the whip. Hop in and everyone is quiet. Still some fallout from the night before, but we eventually all shake it off. Touring can be draining sometimes, but if you talk it out, check in, always proceed with care first, then you can work it out. We pull into Dallas, and it’s cold again—so much for the good weather run. I’m anxious…there’s no parking, so we double park on the street and a fan starts screaming at us. Little intense. We quickly rush the gear in, and park the whip. HIRS soon show up, and I help them load in. It’s the last night of our tour with them, but we’re all too rushed to be sad. We’ll save that for later.


After load in, I take a few deep breaths, and adjourn to the green room for my facetime interview with my potential new roommates. I’m very transparent about my fears over a big leap, and we all ask each other good questions about our personalities, and goals for shared housing. It goes well, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to pass. Three years or so of wild goose chases and rejections has left me calloused, so I’m always expecting the worst. I step out of the green room, relieved that’s behind me. We dip over to a hokey mexican spot—nothing genuine, just some cornball gringo mexican spot. I get a satisfactory burrito. There’s a lady passed out from partying too hard at the table adjacent to us. Is anyone taking care of her?

Back at the venue. Two band bill tonight so it’s an early show, which is a relief because we have an eight hour drive tomorrow. Small crowd, but everyone is in good spirits. HIRS freak everyone out, and I’m right at the lip of stage; It’s been such a privilege to watch this band every night. They’re truly a unique and awesome presence in the underground and I am confident they will continue to grow. I’m kind of sad we’re parting ways tonight, but am excited for the rest of their wild adventures as they go west, then Alaska(!) then Hawaii(!) and back to the midwest. Whatever was weighing down Screaming Females last night is nowhere to be found tonight as the band deliver a solid set of heavy rock action, and the crowd is hanging on every note—from the solid “Leave It All Up To Me” to a searing version of “Doom ’84.” They encore with “Ripe” and the crowd is wrapt with admiration. We are flinging t-shirts and cracking jokes with people. Load out, and wait a minute…PABLO? “Man, I didn’t know you guys were starting so early! I just got here!” Aw buddy, it’s all good, and we laugh it off. Our dude Velorian rolls through with some gifts for all of us—he even gave me a gift card to Whataburger! What a sweet heart. We hug and kiss HIRS goodbye. It’s bittersweet, but we’re just happy to have had such a great tour with them.

As we did last year, we stay with our friend Ryan. He provides us with some tasty treats, wine and a viewing of the film Scarface. I keep identifying which character I’m trying to be in life, but which character I am in reality. Truly grim. Soon we are bundled in our sleeping bags and off to sleep. Goodnight Dallas, thank you for being so good to us.