Epilogue: Philadelphia 4.26.18

I’m at a tattoo parlor with Marissa; we’re waiting to get friendship tattoos, as this is apparently now our post-tour ritual. Yesterday we drove for 14 hours from Chattanooga to Philadelphia. It was an exhausting ride, but we made it.

This tour was a true joy. At times it was emotionally exhausting, but all told it was extremely rewarding. This traveling roadshow of three bands all unique, all loud, and seemingly unconventional in it’s paring. I feel like we brought three different factions of the underground together and it really worked out for all. Thank you to HIRS and THOU for the laughs, and righteous rippers. I’m glad we all had each others backs and looked out for each others well being. Thanks to Screaming Females for bringing an old salt like myself out to see the world, and help them run a tight ship of rock. Getting to work with and for them is a true privilege, and I’m truly grateful for their love and friendship.

Tomorrow, I get on a plane, and go back to Chicago. For how long, I don’t know. I got a big change staring me in the face, and I’m staring at that leap. Wherever I land, do know that I’ll be back out there with these guys in October. I cannot wait.

Take care. Thanks for humoring this drivel.