11/2/17: Philadelphia, PA: Epilogue

Woke up 9 am after going to bed at like 4am; not a surprise really, it’s not like you immediately shut off your tour clock the second you’re done. I wake up expecting to pack up my sleep gear and quickly brush my teeth before having to jump back in the van. Instead, I’m rising slowly, taking a hearty shower, and walking out for breakfast with my friends Michelle and Christina. Then back to my crashpad to do some work. Slowly adjusting to life post tour takes time and to quote Malcolm Tucker, “I got a to-do list longer than a fucking Leonard Cohen song.”

I get some texts from the band…jokes, results on bets placed last night, someone found my knife, and Jarrett still has my passport (“I’m gonna sell your identity.” “It’s priced to move.”) A photo comes through and Mike is shaving his beard off. It’s surreal how you have to adjust back to whatever your life was before you commited five weeks to this tour thing. Five weeks is long. Our friends in Waxahatchee did ten weeks this year, which just sounds inconceivable. I have no idea how you do that. I always end any tour thinking “If they want me they know how to get to me” which is what I’m currently doing. I absolutely love being out with these guys, seeing the world, making jokes, finding shelter, fighting colds, rocking out, and being a little family. It’s important to me, because even before this became a thing I loved them, and always wanted the best for them. If whatever I do helps them get through the haul of touring then I always want to offer it to them. I have a couple days left in philly before going back to Chicago, and I reckon we’ll have a small get together before I leave.

I had a goddamn blast on this tour and we blasted a bunch ourselves. I want to thank Charlie from the fanclub for asking me to write all this out. Thank you to all the fanclub members that said hi, you’re a swell bunch. Thanks to everyone that gave us shelter on the road, you have no idea what you do for a band like this. Thank you to all the friends (old and new) we saw out on the road that kept us entertained. Thank you to the bands that opened, y’all kept our ears and heads ringing in the best way. Thank you to John and Megan from Street Eaters for being the kindest, sharpest and funniest sweethearts we could be around.

Lastly, thank you Jarrett, Marissa, and Mike for asking me to come along, for putting me to work, and for letting me snore next to ya. You three are the best and I am so thankful and lucky that you’re in my life.