10/24/17: Barracuda, Austin, Texas: Screaming Females, Street Eaters, Popper Burns

Woke up a smidge earlier than the gang, with a fresh body of clean, curly locks. I love the morning after I wash my hair. Aside from it being one of my only good physical qualities, it feels good and my hair is all blown out and cute. I was concerned that my sinus cleanse had disappeared but I found it in the nick of time and got sorted on that end. Went a little too hard into the cups last night so my bod feels like garbage. Go figure that’s how life works.

With only an hour and half drive today, we took on a lot of projects. We needed an oil change, then we got more t-shirts (finally! So relieved I don’t have to let anyone down again and say “Sorry we don’t have your size.”) Then the gang went to the gym. Normally I’d join but I just don’t have it in me. My bod is just not agreeing with me today, so I hung out and monitored laundry. Then the band had a meeting, during which I sorted out t-shirts and schemed to get to either Whataburger or End Of An Ear records. No dice on either front.

Last time I was at Barracuda was maybe five years ago. It was during Chaos In Tejas which was a punk/hardcore fest in Austin. My partner and I saw The Repos and Double Negative perform there. Both sets were nuts, particularly The Repos. During that set, we saw a child lose their mind. They looked like they could’ve been in Squirrel Bait (short, tight hair cut, big eye glasses, skinny frame) and we saw him at one point run across the stage and do a summersault, and then later riding someone’s back like they were a pony. Ridiculous. That was the outside stage, and tonight is inside. We load in and then I’m left in charge of finding a place to park. Parking in “The Cultural District” of Austin is a total pain in the ass and it doesn’t bode well for my crummy attitude as it is. I’m tense, my body is weak and the idea of food is completely unappealing. If it were up to me, I’d be having an enema and then laid out on one of those medieval stretching racks. Eventually we come through with a safe spot for the whip and half of my frustrations go away. I eventually capitulate to the concept of eating and join the band at cute and good Japanese restaurant.

Popper Burns rip through a fast and blurry six song set of bratty death rock. They’re astounding and truly one of the strongest bands in Austin. Street Eaters are in the zone and Marissa joins them again for a cover of “Love Like Anthrax.” The crowd goes wild. That energy carried over to Screaming Females set—I for one was hoping for a full band version of “Deeply” but no dice. I figured maybe if they were doing it during soundcheck, they’d pull it out but no dice. Instead treated to some other fine cuts: “My Body,” “Halfway Down” “Soft Domination” “Doom 84” and a rousing rendition (complete with audience sing along) of “Hopeless” before shooting the moon with “Ripe.” We have a lil victory round and a hang with Screamales Fanclub member Pablo (who gifted us a literal bounty of snacks and goodies to tide our tour over. Much respect, Pablo!) before we motor out to their bud Edan’s house for a wonderful snooze. I love Austin, even when I’m being a total sourass.